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Fat Dog Games is in game dev since 2014. Currently focused on publishing. We do everything to support those who love developing games. We offer our know-how, marketing and funding. We train developers and publish their products on international markets.

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Good morning, Mr. Investigator. I see you’re craving more creepy stories that might have inspired The Developer to create the mysterious and eerie place known as Green Creek. But remember, the more you know, the more your mind is open to suggestion. If one is not careful, these tales just may lead to a breakdown of sanity. I warn you to proceed with caution.

The haunting of castles, buildings and huge manors has always been a topic of fascination for mankind. You can find creepy villas, possessed houses and mansions full of specters, ghosts and the undead in many legends and tales of horror throughout the ages. Ah, of course, brave investigator, coming from the land of man, you are familiar with moving pictures and it’s these records, converted from well-known chronicles, which have served to influence the Developer in his creations.


You may be familiar with the historical account of Poltergeist, from 1982. The concept for the overall atmosphere of Green Creek was based upon this story. You want to go deeper, you say? Indeed. You should try 13 Ghosts from 1960 or perhaps The Hunting of 1963, which has come from the creepy written chronicles of Shirley Jackson. The Amityville Horror may peak your interest, as it is quite a recent tale, or something newer like Ju-On: The Grudge. And lastly, Crimson Peak, a tale woven in an elaborate design, fares like a love letter to classic haunted mansion stories.

These moving pictures and written records can help you to understand the ways of our great Developer. The old books don’t lie – he actually used a few of man’s works while manifesting his wicked creations. But that’s only for the better isn’t it? It makes it easier to achieve a connection with his dark ways. And you need to do it if you want to understand what’s going on in Green Creek.

If you want to know more about the beings that inspired The Great One, please add Apparition to your wishlist and stay up to date with all information.

Mr. Ciastku

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