The Eccentricities of The Chronicles of Nyanya: Cats. Cats are nice

2018-01-21 18:36:10 by FatDogGames

In this game there's no lion, but there are definitely witches. And a wardrobe, but not what you might expect. The upcoming retro-style jRPG The Chronicles of Nyanya is full of delicious silliness.


The core of Hamstercube studio consists of two unconventional individuals. Ilona Myszkowska and Adrian Pskiet speak a strange language full of twisted words, memes and inside jokes. The Chronicles of Nyanya is a reflection of their world. A fantasy jRPG with cute handmade graphics, the game offers a story about meowbarian purriors, battle pastries and Nazi furniture.

Nyanya is a feline world and this means cats of all shapes and sizes - and classes. The main protagonist, Catair, is a meowsassin, for example. And Meowdledore, one of her reluctant companions, is a meowmage with the magic power of light side of the Yarn Ball of Force at his disposal. On their adventures, the fellowship of adventourists fight with green orcats in the forests, brawl with drowncats in the swamps, and battle ghostcats in the dungeons. Craziness!


Want to know more about the game? Add The Chronicles of Nyanya to your Steam wishlist and wait for upcoming updates.

The Chronicles of Nyanya will be released in February, 2018. The game offers up to 20 hours of gameplay & multiple endings.


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