Celebrating the Year of the Dog in Nyanya

2018-02-19 06:06:31 by FatDogGames


The year of the... what now?! Wait, we should celebrate cats, not dogs! It's the world of Nyanya, remember?! Arrrgh. Ok, just don't tell the Fat Dog that the whole idea hissed me a bit. Also – I'm sorry, I tend to get a bit nervous, nyan! 

Okay, so how can we honor the Chinese New Year in Nyanya? Hmm... I know! We can summon the legendary Mewlan to visit Meowdur's Gate. No worries – it's on me. We'll pay for all the magical fees, import taxes and such and set her down around here somewhere. All you need to do is to find her strolling around the city. I wonder if you'll manage to find her, nyan! She has some very interesting stories to share!

Happy Chinese New Year!


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